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HomeAutomationGas analyzer Uras 26

Gas analyzer Uras 26

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Manufacturer: ABB Hartmann Braun
Code:AO 2000

Gas analyzer Uras 26

AO 2000 System

Art.-No.: V24041A

System bus plug with Terminator

Supply voltage 230 VAC

2 variant of housing (please specify when ordering):

- 19-Inch rack housing AO2020

- Wall - mounted housing AO2040

Protection Class IP20

Standard Power Supply 100.. .240 V, 50. . .60 Hz

for Uras26

with display and control unit

AO Electronics

Digital I/O Module (4 x 00 / 4 x DI)

Status / Ext. Calibration

Analog Output Module (2 x AO)

User Interface Language: German/English

Uras26 Infrared Photometer

2 Measurement Components

1. Measuring Component              CO

2. Measuring Component              NO

Pressure Sensor in gas path 1

with 2 Calibration Cells

with reduced temperature influence

ist beam for ...    CO (1)

2nd beam for ...  NO (1)

with optical filtering Ux32

Commodity No.: 90271010

Country of origin: Deutschland

Delivery time: 8 weeks after receiver of order (EXW)

We also supply all spare parts for this equipment!


Our Infrared Analyzer Urasl4 is no longer available therefore we are quoting to you above the successor model Analyzer Uras26.

The infrared Analyzer Uras26 is based on the same measuring principle as Urasl4 and has the sanie maintenance software. The only difference is some internal electrical components and the internal data interfaces


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