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Helical gear Motor with adater
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CITECO GERMANY – Services international trade and technology transfer

about comp tempGERMANY CITECO is a business to business services in Germany, was founded in 2006 with two main objectives:
- Provide equipment, materials and industrial techniques manufactured by renowned companies from Germany and other countries in the European Alliance for customers in Vietnam. Helping companies in Vietnam have access to the advanced manufacturing technology of Germany and the European Union. Vietnam helps companies hire expert installation and operating instructions of the equipment was purchased.

- GERMANY contrast CITECO advising German companies and European orders processed its products in factories in Vietnam to lower the cost of their products.
With an organizational structure is very compact, the application of information technology and the use of the most advanced data - and especially the staff of highly qualified professional - GERMANY helped CITECO quickly captured the market leader in a short time. So far, customers primarily in Vietnam, our company is the technical advice, installation of industrial equipment for various industries such as Cement, Energy, Oil and Gas ... We also ready to offer advice and direct technical items supplies for large factories in Vietnam.
Ready associated with the customer to make the task almost "impossible" into the "maybe" at the lowest cost. We value customers like a member of the same system to deliver its final customers. So between CITECO GERMANY and customer relationships are mutually supportive and mutually beneficial. We are ready to search for and provide all customer equipment and supplies in all areas of engineering and of any specific manufacturer with low price as possible. GERMANY CITECO not intended as "exclusive representative" for the vendor. Because of the monopoly is always associated with raising a bluff price and conditions attached to the other ridiculous! In contrast, we are ready with their customers instead of products "exclusively" by the equivalent products manufactured by the German company famous for more reasonable prices. The growth of the customer is also the rise of CITECO GERMANY.


Links back, we will create strength and creativity!


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CITECO GERMANY: "Sẵn sàng liên kết với khách hàng để biến những nhiệm vụ tưởng như “không thể” thành điều “có thể” với mức chi phí thấp nhất. Chúng tôi coi trọng khách hàng như một thành viên trong cùng một hệ thống cung cấp hàng cho khách hàng cuối cùng của mình"