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HV Bushing Wall Entrance
#EKMI 19.1 GC 110x500
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ARPEX Kupplung
#ARS 6280-6
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Magnetic coupling
#CN, DE-440N132
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To increase profits for businesses, a side who have increased sales for products and services of the company output, on the other hand dropped to the lowest level input costs. If technical equipment and materials to the foreign buyers, it is a complex issue for small and medium companies in Vietnam. Why is that?


   - First, you will encounter a disagreement about language.
- Second, you will encounter cultural differences in negotiations.
- Third, you will not get better value by buying less quantity.
- Fourth, you have to be strict conditions Payment.
- Thursday, you will encounter large transportation costs than necessary.

GERMANY CITECO will help you solve the problem all year, because:
- GERMANY CITECO is a German company, the employees, including Germans and Vietnam have been well trained in the German version. So you go ahead with Vietnamese contact us, and we will take the next part to help you. So you will be assured to plan their production and do not need to hire more translators.
- GERMANY CITECO the German company's trade and current customers of many major manufacturers in Germany and other countries in the European Union blocks should be entitled to a commission to trade large enough to share for from the time of his customers buy the product first.
- Payment with very flexible CITECO GERMANY, even if you want Payment in Vietnam and to understand all of you to suggest Payment.
- You imagine when you have to buy 3 of 3 equipment different manufacturers, the transportation will be like? Transportation company hiring you will have to organize transport for you 3 times in Vietnam and so is 3 times the cost of transport to the procedure. And CITECO GERMANY 3 devices just collected on a shipment.

About us

CITECO GERMANY: "Ready associated with the customer to make the task almost "impossible" into the "maybe" at the lowest cost. We value customers like a member of the same system to deliver its final customers"